Release – Haka

Haka is an anthology of speculative / science fiction in Filipino by European authors, organized by Julie Novakova and Jaroslav Olsa Jr. that will include stories from 15 authors of different nationalities.

The publisher, Anvil Publishing, will announce the launching date soon.

This is the third volume of a joint European project spearheaded by EUNIC Manila and with support with Embassies of Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Hungary, the Netherlands and Poland, Honorary Consuls of Finland, Portugal and Slovenia, and Philippine-Italian Association, British Council, Alliance française and Instituto Cervantes.

Pedro Cipriano was the portuguese author invited to this anthology. The memo simply stated that he needed to write a story who could represent Portugal in an international anthology.

The author chose to write about a climate change induced post-apocalyptic future. With no fresh water available, the world became a endless desert populated by small comunities, that fight for survival and agains genetic disorders.

Iris, the main character, is being trained to be the next community leader when a stranger arrives, talking about a paradise of running water and green fields.

Line Up:
Peter Schattschneider: Brief aud dem Jenseits (Austria)
Ian Watson: Walk of Solace with My Dead Baby (Britain)
Hanuš Seiner: Hexagrammaton (the Czech Rep.)
Richard Ipsen: The Null in the Nought (Denmark)
Johanna Sinisalo: Äänettömät Äänet (Finland)
Aliette de Bodard: Three Cups of Grief, by Starlight (France)
Michalis Manolios: Aethra (Greece)
Péter Lengyel: Napkelet Című (Hungary)
Francesco Verso and Francesco Mantovani: iMATE (Italy)
Tais Teng: Silicium Snelwegen (the Netherlands)
Stanislaw Lem: Podróż siódma (Poland)
Pedro Cipriano: Seeds of Hope (Portugal)
Zuzana Stožická: Črepiny z oblohy (Slovakia)
Bojan Ekselenski: Časovni kredita (Slovenia)
Sofía Rhei: Secret Stories of Doors (Spain)
Bertil Falk: Gjort är gjort (Sweden)

By Carlos Silva

Born in 1989, Carlos Silva is a Portuguese writer whose main interests are science fiction and weird fiction. He is also editor at Imaginauta (Indie press – and organizes several events as the Festival Contacto.

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