TOP! Thriller, time lord, E3

It’s not easy to know where to start. E3 – Electronic Entertainment Expo is the biggest game presentation event conducted each year, since 1995, and where huge triple As and game stars make their launches to all the world.

This year, Luís António, a Portuguese developer, showed up to give us a trailler on his next game – a solo project that grew for the last 6 years into a thriller, gathering a team along the way, we’ll be happy to play in 2020.

Reactions were incredible – bloggers, youtubbers, gamers, developers. This game catched the eye and taste of gamers everywhere. Let’s look at the ingredients: a man, trapped in a time loop, a decision game that allows you to explore and solve problems. Easy to play, easy to understand, so tricky to master. The character grows with the game and learns – so do we.

Loved already and I’m looking forward to find it available. A mix of my favourite kind of game, reminding me of games such as Fahrenheit and Detroit, by a portuguese artist, presented to the world.

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