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Portuguese ESFS Nominations 2019

Every year, the delegates from each country are called to submit their nominations for the European Science Fiction Society awards. The prizes are normally announced during the Eurocon. In 2019, the Eurocon will be in Belfast from 22nd to the 25th of August.

Portugal is no exception and we also did our list of nominations. To nominate is always to be unfair because we can only choose one of the many talents we have in our community.

Bearing that in mind, here comes the portuguese nominations for the ESFS award.

Hall of Fame Awards

Best artist
Luis Melo – A self-taught artist, famous for the concept art of Alice Madness Returns, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor; Saída de Emergência book covers and, lately, the Fórum Fantástico posters.

Best Author:
João Ventura – A master of the short story format, with a style on the tradition of Jorge Luis Borges, Julio Cortázar and Italo Calvino. He is an assiduous participant of many sf&f anthologies like Lisboa Oculta

Best Publisher
Editorial Divergência – A indie publisher responsible for the publication of many portuguese young authors. It has co-published “Steampunk International”, an anthology with short-stories from Portugal, UK and Finland.

Best Promoter of Science Fiction
Rogério Ribeiro – Con organizer, founder of two Science-Fiction and Fantasy groups and anthology organizer, he is one of the main voices in science fiction promotion in Portugal. His signature con, Fórum Fantástico, is already in the12th edition and is responsible of launching young portuguese artists and bringing international gueststo the country.

Best Magazine
Bang! – Free magazine with country wide distribution. Focused in fantasy, scifi and horror, with articles about literature, boardgames, games, events and much more. Also has translated and portuguese fiction. Bang! is edited by Saída de Emergência

Best Translator
Jorge Candeias – Translator of several fantasy and science fiction books in Portugal

Achievment Awards

Best Dramatic Presentation
Outro Sentido – Presentation inspired in the tale of João Ventura. enc. Sara Afonso. Part of the con Fórum Fantastico 2018.

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