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Planet Invasion is OUT THERE!!!

PLANET INVASION has aliens, and spaceships, planets and races, and explosions…. But with a twist…. You are the alien.

You can’t shoot humans, but they can shoot you. This sounds familiar. So, run just run, move around as fast as you can, dodge, escape, use space rocks as shields, until you get a good ship and then? Then use all your powers to destroy them.

Destroy who? The humans!!! I love this game.

Choose your spaceship, choose your moves, but don’t stand still or you won’t stay long. Good rhythm, lots of enemies, it makes us sweat to get rid of all the tiny humans. Oh wait, they are not tiny, they’re annoying and more for each wave….

Although the mechanics seam quite simple and easy to grasp, the reality is that the game is hard to play and quite a challenge. Once you realize how to play it, it’s easy to learn and to get each time a bit further. Are you counting the humans already? I was…


Tiny is the fox…. Not the games. And TinyfoxGames is a fresh out of school crew with a solid dream and a good start.

Four artists from Algarve, that are skipping some sunny days to deliver this one. Let’s give them a push and get this one on wishlist…. That simple. They will know you got curious enough about the plot, and you’ll be the first to know when the game is out.

This is the kind of game that catches your attention, since the art is bright and colourfull, full of movement and events, lots of sounds and you need all your concentration to stay alive. Travelling as an alien has several problems, and humans are the worst.

As for me….. I keep on dying, and trying, and escaping as many humans as I can…

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