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ORCZZ after the meat

From Camel 101 into a world of orcs…. Comes ORCZZ! Camel 101 has already made us expect great graphics and great games, but this one has a funny side that caught me off guard. It’s my kind of game and has all the ingredients that make a good strategy casual game.

The mechanics are simple, in the line of this kind of game, and the choices are intuitive – – one really doesn’t have to take time figuring out how to activate characters or how to place them, just do it. On animations and sounds? Those are trully delicious! And when you pick a good hand of soldiers to fight a bunch of organized and properly dressed orcs, and you try to forget they are after prime ribs…. Sound efffects and voices got to you and bring back a smile that won’t go away.

What can you say about a game that makes you sweat for a good strategic move while laughing to tears with the animations? And for everyone that, like me, played Plants and Zombies to exhaustion, this one improves on story content, on character animation and sound effects.

This one got to me…. I pep talk my soldiers in the beginning, trying to make them load faster; then I snarl at the orcs that appear in the wrong lines and finnally I clebrate! Or scream “No, no no no no”…. and loving the sound effects: they never failed me, always right for my emotional breakdowns or celebrations.

A good Story

Take your time to check the descriptions and to follow the story, not only is worthwhile and according to the overall sense of humour, but also gives an immersion edge to the game, and while you wait to see your strategy defending the meat, you can look again into your heroes, your warriors and give them a few tips on “holding on”…. or just starve.

This is the kind of game everyone needs, particularly fit for “in-between” big games, or to relax between campaigns, if you are a heavy gamer; or just to chill for a few minutes at the end of the day, or to make a break from different tasks. It’s instant relaxing, a good laugh and you have refulled your energy bar.

When a game has this kind of sense of humour, connected with good graphis and an incredible sound, all settled in a game mechanic that really works… just add a story that stays within medieval and fantasy and you have a good game for many many hours of fun.

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