Student Showcase – Portugal

17 of July, IADE University openned its doors to students from all over the country.

From 14pm to 20pm, those students were able to show their work to a community of professionals, students and visitors… and what I’ve found is that sci-fi and fantasy live well and thrive as a primary subject for most games.

From curing diseases in a rather spooky boardgame, to misteries envolving some weird time travel, from horror to space, from water drops and birds, these games made me believe videogaming in Portugal has its share of creativity, ingenuity, talent and fantasy.

This showcase was kind of a preview on the years to come, full of projects we can tell can easily turn into amazing games.

So what are we looking for? Some spookiness, some artificial intelligence, a lot of time benders and travellers, some future predictions and most of all – an underlying sense of humour.

From universities from north to south, students came and brought the work of the last year and in most cases, of years to come. Some had issues with graphics, some with bugs, but stories and gameplay could offer a good idea of the path ahead.

And we’ve walked from one to the other, gathering the materials they had made to offer and to make sure we would remember them, but mostly sharing dreams.

Time was not enough to explore every bit of all that was offered, but the idea of a annual gathering around the works of these young developers was enough to get our hopes high. For now, we wait, thankfull to IADE for a wonderful day.

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