Maré Baixa (Low tide) will launch a RPG Kickstarter!

Dirty Town's Kickstarter will be launched tomorrow, February 16th

(you can check the kickstarter here) Maré Baixa (Low Tide) is an independent tabletop game publisher founded by two Portuguese best friends, André Tavares and Carlos Martins.

So, who are André Tavares and Carlos Martins?

André is a 3D character animator who found about the roleplaying games in 2015. Today he’s a producer at Rola Iniciativa and the co-founder of Rolisboa, the Portuguese RPG convention.

Carlos is an illustrator who was introduced to roleplaying games early in his childhood by his cousin and brother. He works very close to many of the Portuguese RPG designers, illustrating both Aeon Blades and Terra Adentro.

From knowing each other to working together

Both André and Carlos have an incredible curiosity for game design, and that lead to their first meeting at a tabletop game design workshop at Clube de Estratégia do Seixal [CES]. They started to talk and to draft projects, although they were not yet hooked up with each other.
2018’s RPG weekend was a special event. It was by playing the beautiful Fall of Magic RPG that they bonded and decided to work together in what they love, Game Design.

Maré Baixa was created in memory of their Fall of Magic characters, River and Piccolo. Together they sacrificed, to save the magic of the world, and together André and Carlos want to share the magic in roleplaying games.

The Games

We publish our game over at Itch.io platform. Most of our games are minimalistic in their essence, so they can be easy and fast to play. Our first games were developed for the Pamphlet Game Jam. The goal was to create a game entirely in one single pamphlet: Tower of Arcana and Dungeon Heart. 

Tower of Arcana is a 1 player and 1 player and 1 Game Master RPG where you tell the story of how you became a mage. Dungeon Heart is a diceless RPG up to 4 people where you play the dungeon and stop the evil adventurers that come to loot you. 

Our last game is The Orc and the Pie. It has been very cherished by the roleplaying community to the point of being produced in four different languages (English, Portuguese, Spanish, and French). It received great compliments such as “One of the best “scenario/premise rpg” I’ve seen, better than Lady Blackbird (yes I said it!)”.

The Kickstarter

Now we’re focusing our energy on our next project, Dirty Town. Dirty Town is a diceless cooperative roleplaying game about the corny adventures of a flock of Pigeons. It will be launched on 16th February on Kickstarter within the #ZineQuest scene created by Luke Crane. Dirty Town doesn’t use dice. Instead, it uses Corn in a simple yet effective betting system. If you like easy to play and comic roleplaying games check our Kickstarter page and get ready to negotiate with your fellow sparrows, deal with nasty rats, angry cats, evil seagulls and face many more dangers in Dirty Town!

Ultimately, as a game designer who cherishes the roleplaying community, we create our games with an honest and truthful goal. The purpose? To gather and bring people together, as we did. 

Thank you for reading and have a nice game.

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