URBAN MONSTERS – A Coloring Book

Urban Monsters! A Coloring Book to be launched through online funding (

The Tentacle Association ( has organized a coloring book under the theme of ‘Urban Monsters’. The black and white illustrations are produced by several artists: Álvaro, Beatriz Blodau, Bruno Maio, Catarina Bico, Catarina Lima, Daniela Barros, Débora Graça, Décio Ramirez, Diana David, Emiliyan & Stanimir, Estrela Lourenço, Eva Leporino, Falcato, Fil, Filipe Gonçalves, Flávio Almeida, Henrique Figo, Iara Ribeiro, Kaique Porto, Manuel Ribeiro, Marta Harthey, Miguel Santos, Nietzche Pop, Pedro Araújo, Pedro Nascimento, Sérgio Santos, Sofia Pereira, Tetyana Chkyria, Vete.

The book has around 80 pages with works from around 30 artists with very distinctive styles. The cover’s design by the author Miguel Santos, and a small text about the concept of ‘Monster’ was written by the author and researcher Inês Garcia. The book dimensions are 270 mm x 190 mm, printed in 170g paper with a softcover of 300g. The official launch of the book will be done on March 21 at the Monstra Festival ( that commemorates twenty years. This is one of the most important animation festivals in Portugal.

Illustration by Sofia Pereira

A crowdfunding campaign is being organized with the intention of funding the printing of the book. The request is available online until March 16. The books and the rewards will be sent to the funders after March 23 of 2020. The book is available, on the crowdfunding platform, for 8 EUROS but there are several ways people can help fund this publication.

For more information about the book and the Tentacle Association please visit the online funding page for this project:

Illustration by Estreça Lourenço

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