Ataegina Award 2020

The Ataegina Award was created in 2018 and aims to award the best original speculative fiction short story submitted for the effect. Besides a symbolic prize, the awarded stories are published and, in recent years, translated to english.

The Ataegina Award is supported by two indie publishers (Imaginauta and Divergência), the Fórum Fantástico convention organizers and The Portuguese Portal of Fantasy and Science Fiction. 

The prize got its name from the old Iberian peninsula goddess Ataegina, that presided over Spring and seasonality 

The 2020 winner was Mónica Cunha with the science fiction story “Project: MOTHER”. This post-apocaliptic tale present us the fight for emancipation between a human and her all-knowing AI mother. Should free will contemplate the right to do bad decisions?

The submission period for Ataegina 2021 is already open.

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