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Relampeio Festival 2021

RELAMPEIO International Literary Festival is an event organized in Brasil that intends to present live interviews of international authors of fantasy, science fiction, and horror.

Relevant international fantasy and science fiction authors and publishers tell the public about their journeys and the ability to imagine new futures and realities while shinning some light on the brazilian literary scene and its dialogue with the rest of the world.

RELAMPEIO is trilingual, free access and has social conscioussness. In this second year, the festival is raising donations to contribute to covid-19 pandemic fight in Brasil.

RELAMPEIO will cast on YouTube on the 1st to the 4rth of April 2020 and will have guests from all around the world, from countries such as USA, Colombia, France, Portugal, China and Mexico.

Since we are the Portuguese Portal of Fantasy and Science Fiction we would like to highlight two of the guests:

Diego Cepeda is the creator of Ediciones Vestigio in which he translated Crazy Equóides, a portuguese scifi book from João Barreiros. Ediciones Vestigio is also responsible for the colombian-spanish translation of Território, a short story collection of António Ladeira.

Luís Corte Real is the founder of Saída de Emergência, one of the most importante speculative fiction publishing houses in Portugal and responsible by Revista Bang!, a bi-anual free physical magazine dedicated to fantasy, sci-fy and horror. This year, he will publish is first book “O Deus das Moscas Tem Fome” (trl. The Lord of The Flies is Hungry”)

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