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Lisboa Azul

Lisboa Azul is the RTP2 (portuguese state channel) new serie that is going to be first aired on 23rd of October 2019.

How far should a father’s efforts go to secure a world of happiness for his daughter?
On the day when things change and the past emerges, a drifting family and their unlikely network of friends are reunited in Lisbon.
A Blue Lisbon, full of us undone.

Lisboa Azul (Blue Lisbon) is a science fiction drama produced by Take It Easy Film (the same producer responsible for the Dédalo and King Sebastion horror short-movies).

It tells the story of Camilla, whose depression makes her father take extreme measures by the means of a misterious pill that makes her travel to a different world where she can dream an happy life.

The producers promised a David Lynch ambient and a very nostalgic storyline. Each of the 8 episodes is 20 min long and the series have a narrative time of one day.

Series directed by Joana de Bastos Rodrigues, with Erika Linder, Maria do Céu Guerra, Lia Carvalho, Rita Lello and Luísa Fidalgo (series author and main actor).

01 carlos

Carlos Silva 

Born in 1989, Carlos Silva is a portuguese writer whose main interests are science fiction and weird fiction. He is also editor at Imaginauta (Indie press – and organizes several events as the Festival Contacto.

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