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Giby – A new Ibero-American Comics Magazine

The Portuguese author Luís Louro [01] illustrated the cover of the first issue of the Ibero-American comics magazine Giby. The author is famous for his speculative fiction stories such as Alice, and O Corvo. The art of the cover is reminiscent of his latest work – Watchers (2018), and Sentinel (2019) – where we can see a futuristic version of the Portuguese capital, Lisbon.

The publishing house of the comics magazine Giby – Quadriculando [02] – has gathered an editorial board of 40 artists and researchers representing all participating nations. The board receives graphic stories from Latin America, Portugal, and Spain by e-mail; every comics author who wants to participate must send their work to All participants in the magazine will be remunerated.

Giby will be published quarterly and was inspired by magazines such as Metal Hurlant, Fluide Glacial, and Pilote (France), Heavy Metal (USA), Fierro (Argentina), Animal,and Aventura & Ficção (Brazil), and Selecções BD (Portugal). The name of the publication is a tribute to the classic magazine created in 1939 in Brazil with the name of Gibi, which would become synonymous with comic books in Brazil.

The bilingual digital publication of Giby (20 x 28 cm format, 128 pages) will contain comics, articles, and interviews in Portuguese and Spanish. Some of the serialized stories published in Giby will eventually be published as graphic novels by Quadriculando.

In the first issue, the reader will have access to the following stories: Quadrinho Maldito, by Roberto Goiriz (Paraguay); Sexy World, by Enrique Pilozo (Ecuador); Missão Yojimbo, by the duo Rodolfo Santullo (Uruguay) and Leo Sandler (Argentina); Cahuide, by Oscar Barriga (Peru); Malas Calles, by Gonzalo Oyanedel (Chile); Piranhas, by Miguel Diaz Portillo – MAD (Cuba); A Cidade Sem Nome, by Duchy Man Valderá (Cuba); 12 Moscas, by Ernesto Saade (El Salvador); Translation, by Oscar Sierra Quintero (Costa Rica); Vazio, by Jhoram Moya (Panama); O Relógio Sem Ponteiro, by Daniela Barros (Portugal); Rudy, by Alejandra Salvatierra (Bolivia); Efeitos Colaterais/ Epifania, by Alejandro Farias and Mariana Ruiz Johnson (Argentina); Clara Zombie, by Túlio Carapiá and Clara Cerqueira (Brazil); O Pombo, a Pomba e a Coruja, by Luís Joan Alonso (Dominican Republic), Benkos Bioho – História do Palenque, by Alberto Sierra Quintero (Colombia).

Giby #1 will also feature an interview conducted by collaborator Arturo Delgado Pruna to Orestes Suárez Lemus (Tex, Mister No), a Cuban artist working at Bonelli Comics in Italy, and also the article Potencialidades Sociológicas dos Quadrinhos, by Brazilian professor and comic artist Amaro Braga (UFAL).

If you are interested in acquiring this magazine you can do it at the Catarse crowdfunding website [03] until August 26. If you want to publish your stories contact the publisher through the above-mentioned e-mail: Giby #2 comes out in July.





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